To My Abuser

“Now that you have touched the
women you have struck a rock,
you have dislodged a boulder,
you will be crushed.”

Women’s Freedom Song, August, 1956

To my abuser and every abuser out there: past, present, and future,

I am a woman of power, a woman who has been empowered, and I have something to say to you.  You thought you could tear me down piece by piece, isolate me, and break my spirit. You thought you could silence my voice and seed self doubt.

But the tree that bends and weathers heavy storms grows deeper roots, and bones that break mend stronger.

And so too does a woman beaten down and oppressed grow strength and resolve beyond your comprehension, a spirit beyond your grasp, a voice that cannot be silenced, and a zest for life you cannot touch.  She is beyond your control, beyond your reproach; and she does it through the unity, strength, and tenacity of all the woman who have suffered in silence with her.
We are neither suffering nor silent any longer.

We have a voice and it is clear, and strong.

We have a goal and the unwavering resolve to achieve it.

We will be heard.

We will make changes.

We will heal the damage you have caused.

We will replace your words of hate with love, your lies with truth, and your ridicule with affirmations.

We will do this with grace and poise as a coalition of sisters allied in a common front.

We are here to tell you we have had enough.

We will put an end to your reign of terror one woman at a time.

We will speak out

We will make people listen.

We will make a difference.




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