Long Island Bound

“A diva is someone who is a perfectionist, who does her best in her craft. “
Patti LaBelle

This morning I am heading to Long Island!  The Diva Half Marathon is TOMORROW (I can’t believe it’s already here), and I will be there rain or shine…. it’s looking more like rain than shine.  The most nerve racking part: the drive.  This post is going to be short due to ongoing computer issues, and the fact that I am literally supposed to be running out the door.

In related news, I survived my first month of boot camp!!!  It did get easier- mostly owing to tapering my marathon training.  Once I wasn’t pulling a full running workout beforehand, I realized they actually weren’t that hard (sorry Mike).

My next post will be sporting my new race bling.  If I get gipped again, I may just retired from racing all together… 😉 (by the way- they never actually announced the point series winner so I never got the money or the race entry in Ireland)

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!


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