She Did What?!

‘It was the longest day of my life’

Amber Miller- author of quote above

That’s right people! This woman ran the Chicago Marathon 39 wks pregnant –through contractions (unequivocally proving, in my humble opinion, that women are indeed the STRONGER sex)!!! Can I get a HELL YES for women everywhere?!  Amber Miller- you have officially been added to my heroes list. Did I mention this wasn’t even the first time she ran a marathon pregnant?  I am officially inspired for Saturday. 🙂  Oh, and so incredibly proud to BE A WOMAN!
If that’s not enough motivation (or if anyone is still unconvinced of the indomitable will of the female spirit) check out this fabulous lady-
Holy Hell, right?!  I want to be just like her when I grow up! I mean seriously, 72 marathons? Running at 84?  Yup, I have another hero in the world.  Thank you Joy Johnson for inspiring me to go for my dreams!
Just for good measure, I’d like to add one more awesome lady to the list for having, in her own words, “true grit”.  One of my blog crushes, The Skinny Pink Ninja, has just completed her first marathon!  Like me, she has had to overcome pain, injury, and a bunch of (insert expletive of choice)  doctors telling her she couldn’t and shouldn’t run.  She proved them all wrong! You go girl!!!

Love that she rocked this shirt!

Aside from spending the past 2+ days attempting  walk like a normal person (my glutes are killing me big time!- I hate you Mike!  jk…sort of) I have been spending my time watching “Spirit of the Marathon” and looking for other sources of inspiration to get me pumped for Saturday.  I’d say mission accomplished!

All of these women are THRIVERS in my book!  If you want to read more about some people who keep me motivated and inspired on a daily basis, I’d recommend checking out my Versatile Blogger Award post and the links to their blogs.  Have a great day everyone!  Tonight is my last boot camp session/ work out before the Big Day!  My next post will likely be the marathon recap 🙂


  1. yay! everyone you posted about is such an inspiration! also wanted to let you know i will be working the marathon beer garden on saturday until 1pm so if you can finish sub-5 hours (race starts at 8 i think?) please find me and say hi!!! 😀

    1. I don’t know if I will be able to knock it out in less than 5 hours (I’ll be ecstatic just to finish!) but if I do ,I will definitely come find you! I’ve surprised myself before, so I won’t say it’s impossible no matter how unlikely. 😉

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