Dare. Dream. Do.

“Life is what you make it. Always has been, always will be. ”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

I am loving life today!  Maybe it’s because I got my morning workout in.  Maybe it’s because I just cleaned my house.  Maybe it’s because I’m not feeling like death is warming over me.  However, more likely it’s because I just spent time on Facebook and it reminded me of how many truly amazing people are in my life. (okay, the death no longer warming over me is probably a big part too… 😉 ) These are people who love, support, and accept me; who encourage me both through their words and actions- some without even realizing it.

I have had a lot of truly hard times in my young (milking what’s left of my twenties…j/k. Age is just a number!) life, but I don’t resent them.  In fact, I am grateful for every bump (or mountain) in the road.  This may seem like an odd statement, but stop and think about it.  Have you ever made a big positive change in your life when things were going great? DUH! Of course not!  We only change direction when we realize something isn’t working- or get completely tired of being fat, miserable, lonely, etc.  No one waking up in the morning and says “wow, my life is awesome.  I think I’m going to change it”.  However, when you hit a major wall or rock bottom– that’s the time when you really start to reexamine things and evaluate what you really want in life.

Amazing things happen when we are pushed outside our comfort zones.  It’s so easy to fall into a rut and not even realize it when life seems to go okay.  However, the natural twists and turns of life are meant to shake us out of complacency.  It’s a reminder that life is short and good times don’t last forever.  If you woke up every morning with the reminder that your energy has limits and your time on this earth is finite, how would that affect your priorities that day?  If you are like me and have been kicked in the teeth a few times by life- you get it.  I only have so much of myself to put into each day.  I’m not going to waste it getting caught up in drama or being angry at people who aren’t significant to me.  Instead, I am going to use that energy to make a positive impact and do things that make me feel good- whether it’s getting in a tough workout or helping out a friend.

Speaking of which, have you ever noticed how the worst moments in your life frequently coincide with meeting the most amazing people?  How many people have gone through a terrible break up only to find Mr. or Mrs. Right a short time after?  Or, take the example of a women leaving an abusive relationship and then finding unconditional acceptance in a support group.  How many times have you bonded with a new friend over something terrible that you both experienced?  Common interests may bring people together, but it’s the hard times in our lives that bind us.

One of the greatest blessings of hitting rock bottom is finding out who your real friends are.  I know what relationships are worth putting energy into- and it is AMAZING just how many you can maintain when they don’t suck the life out of you.  I finally know how to make time for the people who matter, and let go of the people who don’t.  I have enough friends in my life who appreciate me the way I am, I don’t need to worry about the “haters” who don’t.  I can’t even explain how refreshing it is to live life without apologizing for being me.  I used to be such a people pleaser and, truthfully, still am.  The difference is now I only focus on pleasing people who are important to me.

I am so much more content with my life now than I ever was in the past.  Sure, I had to get through a lot of muck to arrive here- but the view is great (and so is the company!). 😉  I don’t feel guilty for staying home and working out anymore.  I am learning how to say no instead of spreading myself too thin.  I am pushing my boundaries, and really feeling what it’s like to love and accept myself. (although it’s still weird to say it)

I honestly believe with all my heart that EVERYONE (even mean people) has a right to happiness.  I also believe that happiness, like failure, is a choice.  It’s a choice you make everyday when you get up in the morning, and it isn’t always easy.  Today I choose to be happy.  I choose to feel good about myself.  I choose to be grateful and love life.  It’s yours and mine for the taking. 🙂


  1. thank you for being a positive influence to others….
    I’ve felt great upon reading this article, truly God works miracles by using others.

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