My Most Recent Girl Crush

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important

as what you become by achieving your goals.”
-Henry David Thoreau 

I love women.  No, not in a sexual way (no offense, you are all very attractive). Rather, in a NOTHING inspires me more than a woman kicking serious ass (hence my girl crush on The Everyday Warrior… go read her blog then you’ll understand) sort of way.  That is why I cannot help but be completely blown away by Diana Nyad.

At 64 she chased a dream that no one, not even her own team, believed she could achieve.  It was her self belief that carried her through when everyone else was certain she would fail (a true testament to how important self belief is!)  However, it’s not the fact that she achieved her goal that so deeply impressed me.  It was the fact that she FAILED 4 TIMES BEFORE SHE SUCCEEDED.  This, my friends, is a women after my own heart.  This is a woman who does not let obstacles stand in the way of her dreams: not strong currents, not weather, not jellyfish, or sharks… and certainly not failure.

Now that I have gotten into swimming, I have a true appreciation for just how hard and how much work it is.  I am completely mind blown that this woman was able to swim from Cuba to Florida without any rest, while in a protective suit that reduced her mobility no less.  It over took 3 days.  I can barely swim 100 meters without a break…in a pool…during the day…without a current.  This woman swam the span of an ocean night and day in one of the strongest currents on the planet.  I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for her.

Hats (or swim caps) off to Diana Nyad for being an Uber Badass to the nth degree!


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