get fit challenge

The Mystery Illness

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”

-Christopher Reeve

Last night I started to get sick again…  Not as back as last time with shaking chills and the whole nine yards, but I can’t seem to keep much in my system. It’s been great in terms of weight loss for Fit Challenge; however, I was not really aiming to lose any weight and this wouldn’t be my preferred method of going about it.  

Speaking of which, Adam and I both had weigh ins again and I am holding steady at exactly 139.2 (for two weeks now- the difference between last week and the week before being that I didn’t work out before hand so I probably weigh even less).  Adam is still under 200. Our challenge was to hold a wall sit for a cumulative time of 15 minutes with two attempts per day (just like the plank challenge).  It took us three days, but we completed the challenge without any issue… per usual.

However, feeling less than stellar and not being able to tolerate much in the way of food has really been hampering my workouts in general recently.  The other day I tried to run, but after 2 miles I was feeling sick and called it quits.  I did still manage to run 15 miles total for the week and got in a over a mile of swimming before the dreaded illness set in.  As far as cycling, I missed spinning on Saturday because the hubs realized when we got there that he forgot his shorts, so those miles were a fail.  In his defense, he did offer to wait for me while I went to class without him, but I didn’t think it’d be particularly fair or fun to go without him.

We also did two workouts with the trainer, and one was pull ups, chin ups, and close grip pull ups (can you picture me brimming with glee as you read this? If not, you don’t read this blog regularly enough… ) with rows, lat pull downs, and back extensions in between.  We used the bands as an assist, which made me feel totally badass (in spite of feeling crummy)… especially now that I only need the green one to do 10 in a row! 🙂  Pull ups, I will OWN you this year!

As far as still being sick, all I can think is it’s a combination of things: being run down from swapping back and forth between regular and night shifts, the stress of being promoted to manager, the dog drama and having to re-home Ellie, my parents having to sell their house and move… the list goes on and on.  Taking all that into consideration, I guess I am actually doing pretty well. 😉

So given all of that and the fact that I was feeling like garbage again this morning, I came home from my session with the trainer and Imagesigned up for another 50K trail ultra in April.  Why?  Well first, who wouldn’t be inspired to go run 30+ miles on brutal trails when they have these kinds of inspirational posters?  Second, I feel like I’ve plateaued and finishing another ultra will help me get back on track to feeling accomplished again.  

Furthermore, my race goals for this year all involved triathlon, but if there’s a chance I may be pregnant it makes it hard to register.  I am not stable on my bike, so that is the one thing I do not want to be doing in a race while pregnant.  The ultra, on the other hand, I think I could handle.  Especially since it’s not that far away and it’s a loop course so I’d have plenty of opportunity to drop out if I needed to for any reason.  Finally, I have already done one, so I know I can do it.  Plus, I have been training consistently since the last one.  If anything, I’m in better shape now.

I suppose that is all my big news for today: still sick and signed up for another ultra…  Totally seems like those two should go hand in hand.  As far as the mystery illness, I am just going to have to find ways to try and relax without exerting myself too much… like blogging and plotting Thriver World Domination. 😉  To me, it’s just another obstacle to work through, and it may be that I just need to start incorporating low intensity weeks into my training schedule.  For now, I’m doing my best to chill out and not worry about it.  After all, I think I have enough on my plate. 




San Diego Bound!

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float. To gain while you give.

To roam the roads of lands remote. To travel is to live.”

~ Hans Christian Andersen


Good Morning Friends!

Today the hubs and I off off to San Diego for our first real vacation as a married couple!  Before we head off for the airport, I figured I’d give you a quick update on our Get Fit Challenge.  My last few weigh ins I have been hovering between 140.3 and 140.4, so I’m continuing to hold strong.  The hubs is also holding at 199 (and some change) and is ecstatic to be under 200.  Our challenge for the week consisted of completing 3 deck of card workouts.  

Here is what this evil challenge entailed:



Okay it would not have been so bad, except our trainer (who happens to be the one thinking up these challenges), made the hubs and I substitute jumping squats and lunges for the regular ones…  Add in that I ran over 6 miles before we started and you can see why the leg one especially sucked.  It’s sad when jumping squats are the easiest part of a workout!  The hardest part was fitting in 3 extra cross training workouts into my already overly busy workout schedule. After all, there is only so much training you can do in a week when you only have 4 days to do it in!

Regardless of the suck, the hubs and I both completed this challenge in its entirety.  In addition to our challenge workouts, we also did our two sessions with the trainer, and I logged another 16 miles of running (that’s 73/500 miles) and swam 1.25 (all at once! go me!).  Not too bad considering I worked a full week and lost a day for traveling. 🙂

Since I have been making progress on my swimming and struggling with keeping track of what lap I’m on, I splurged and bought myself a Garmin Swim for my birthday. I also did finally set a goal of swimming 50 miles by the end of the year, which should be totally doable for me.  The nice thing about the Garmin Swim is it not only counts laps, but also gives you an efficiency score like a GOLF score.  Hopefully it will help me continue to improve now that I’m on my own and done with classes.  I have also been reading up on swimming and training recommendations. (Shocking, I know!)  In fact, my in flight book for today will be Triathlon For Every Woman by Swim Bike Mom.   BTW if you don’t read her blog, you probably should because she is awesome and totally inspiring.  She also has a Facebook page with her own brand of fitspo images. 

Since we will be on vacation in sunny San Diego, I am hoping to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and finally get some use out of my fancy new GPS watch. I will keep you all posted on how that goes. Of course the thing I am looking forward to most is just getting to spend time with the hubs. 🙂

That is all for now my loves!

Have a fantastic weekend!