massage ball

Massage Ball: Instrument of Healing or Torture?

“Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.”

― Martha Moody, Best Friends


So for starters, I met with the gym owner today; and he was very receptive to everything I had to say.  He suggested he sit down with the trainer and I to discuss my concerns.  First, however, he wanted to sit the trainer down himself and have a talk with him.  He seemed pretty confident that things would work out,  and I haven’t gotten any angry texts yet… sooooo I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he is right.

In other news, my chiropractor cancelled my appointment today (after already rescheduling once), so after failing to find a massage therapist with a slot open last minute (go figure!) I ended up treating myself with Adam’s massage ball.  That ball and I have a love/hate relationship… sort of like my relationship with my foam roller.

I am not sure if any of you own one of these little torture devices, but I highly recommend it.  That ball is able to reach knots and breaks up scar tissue that a foam roller can’t come close to touching.  I used it when my shoulder first flared, and it worked great… aside from the fiction burns I gave myself on my neck from trying to work out a knot a little too aggressively. Yeeeahh that sucked… Still sucks actually.

Anyhow, I am hoping the little guy can hold me over until I can get an appointment. With the holiday this week it may be a while, but at least I have a back up plan!