Remember When? (aka Big News People!)

What is success?

I think it is a mixture of having a flair for the thing that you are doing;

knowing that it is not enough,

that you have got to have hard work

and a certain sense of purpose.
-Margaret Thatcher


Alright Peeps,

Remember back when I told you all that I had arrived in my blogging career because The Bloggess started following me on Twitter (and some of you likely rolled your eyes and thought I was looney… which I am, but only in the best way)…


Just in case you missed it the first time…

Well, now Spartan Race has also noted my obvious awesomeness and reached out with a free race entry to give away.  Umm… YOU’RE WELCOME!!!! (TAKE THAT EYE ROLLERS!)

So here is the deal, Dan Krueger from the Spartan Race social media squad sent me an email this morning offering a free race entry for one lucky reader in exchange for me helping to promote their upcoming 2014 Racing Season as well as the new Reebok Spartan Race All-terrain shoes series.  Seriously?  This is like asking me to promote peanut butter… and we all know how much I love peanut butter…


I know you are thinking too good to be true, right? Me too! But I went ahead and googled him (CSI has nothing on me!), and he is a real person affiliated with Spartan Race.  He has also worked with other bloggers on giveaways, so the only thing that may mess this up for all of you is if he actually reads my blog and realizes what a raving nut I am… then again, what kind of people sign up for Spartan Races anyway? 😉

You may remember my first experience with Spartan Race back when the Hubs and I took on the very first Ultra Beast (and Spartan Race grossly mis-advertised the actual distance of the race… FYI Spartan Race roughly 26.2 miles does not equal 30 miles… not ever… but then Marathon Beast doesn’t have the same ring as Ultra Beast, does it?)

All joking aside, the experience was life changing.  It was one of only a few experiences in my life that has truly tested my limits (physically and emotionally).  Now one of you may have the same opportunity!

For the few of you who have been hiding under a rock are unfamiliar with the Spartan Race Series, here’s a little preview what you are signing up for:


If you are watching this video (or read about my experience with the Ultra Beast) and are convinced you could never do it, let me reassure you. Spartan Race has multiple distances and difficulty levels ranging from Sprint (roughly 5k) all the way to Death Race (multiple days).  You should pick a distance that scares the hell out of you and then train for it.  That is how growth happens people!  If you can already comfortably run a 5K and are nervous about the obstacles, try the Sprint distance.  Looking for a challenge, try the Super or Beast course.

For those of you who already have done and love the Spartan Races, this could be your chance to get an extra race in!

Oh and don’t forget the shoes:

  • Strategically placed water drainage ports
  • Rock guard (to protect your feet from sharp rocks and objects)
  • Obstacle grip (which is also invaluable when wet shoes meet slippery rock faces)
  • Spartan Tough

We all know I am a loyal Inov 8 girl, but then a girl can never have too many shoes… especially trail shoes. 😉  BTW Reebok I generally wear a size 7 in running shoes should you decide you would like a review… I have an ultra coming up that would definitely put them to the test… just saying  😉


So my question who is excited?


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