rev 3

An Epic Week!

“There’s nothing like biting off more than you can chew, and then chewing anyway.” ¬†

~Mark Burnett

Haha Story of my life!!! ūüôā


I’m BAAACCKKK!!!! ¬†And no, I was not away on a honeymoon (Boo I wish!)… Instead I have been working my ass off; now I’m here to tell you all about it! ¬†The past few months I have been basically spending every spare second cramming for my recertification exam (the PANRE). ¬†Prepping for this exam basically involved having to relearn everything from medical school that I don’t use on a regular basis (which is A LOT given that I work in a specialized field). ¬†I was taking it a year early so that if I didn’t pass for any reason I would have time to try again; however this did absolutely nothing to make me feel better. ¬†By the time I actually took the test, I had not slept in over a week- despite taking ambien on a nightly basis. ¬†The exam itself sucked as badly as the initial certifying exam, causing me to leave the testing center with a pit in my stomach. ¬†I didn’t feel confident about the majority of my answer choices (it’s really more of “selective the least awful answer” than “select the best answer choice”). ¬†However, I just got my email confirmation this week that I PASSED!!!!!! That means no more cramming for another 11 years!!! ¬† I can’t even begin to explain the sense of relief. ¬†That was first awesome thing that happened this week. ¬†ūüėÄ

ImageBut wait! It gets better! ¬†Saturday I took my mountain bike out for a nice long 26+ mile ride which brought me well over my goal of 100 miles biked this summer! ¬†Beyond just being stoked about achieving my goal, I was thrilled that I managed the ride solo. ¬†It was my first long one without Adam AND I did it on a hilly route with lots of busy streets and intersections! ¬†This is HUGE for me! ¬†The first bike ride I took with Adam, I couldn’t even do the downhills. ¬†I was too scared. ¬†Our second bike ride was completely flat and, I was still in a panic and hyperventilating. ¬†Now, ¬†I’m riding difficult routes in trafficwithout freaking out!

Instead, every time I get on that bike I feel strong and empowered. ¬†Even Adam admitted he was impressed with the hills I plow up on my regular rides to the gym. ¬†I can’t believe how far I have come in the past few weeks. ¬†I truly feel like I have conquered a HUGE FEAR, and I am ready to take it to the next level!

Since I reached my 100 mile mark, Adam and I went bike shopping this week. ¬†It turns out I am super short even by bike standards, so we had a hard time finding a shop with any bikes in my size to test ride. ¬†It also turns out we hit the season at a bad time. ¬†All the 2013 models are basically sold out, and the 2014s won’t be available for another few weeks. ¬†This is clearly a huge bummer if you happen to be vertically challenged and looking for a bike sooner rather than later. ¬†After 3 bike shops and several phone calls, I was completely exhausted and overwhelmed.

The first bike shop had nothing in my size. ¬†The second shop was super helpful and had a few I could test ride, but would have to order the bike I wanted in a paint job I didn’t care for. ¬†The third shop had crummy service and wanted to sell me the 2012 version with a better paint scheme for almost the same price as the newer models. ¬†Luckily, REI had the bike I originally fell in love with in my size. ¬†Unluckily, they don’t have a store that they will ship it to in our state. So there I was, stuck with the dilemma of whether it was really worth paying a little extra to get the paint job I really wanted AND have to drive to another state to get it… not to mention pay another shop to have it fitted properly.

While I anguished over the decision, Adam went ahead and ordered me the one I fell Imagein love with. ¬†He said he didn’t want me to settle. ¬†He was afraid if I went with a different bike that I would be disappointed at some point that I didn’t splurge on the one I really wanted. ¬†I can’t help but think of how lucky I am to have him helping me through this process. Despite having to work that night, he shuttled me from bike shop to bike shop and was never anything but supportive about it. ¬†I’m not sure I could have been as patient as he was if the situation was reversed! ¬†He is definitely a keeper!

As far as financing this whole process, that leads me to my last big news. ¬†For the past ¬†several years I have had my first engagement ring and wedding band on consignment. ¬†I put them in a store that belongs to a family friend because I wasn’t sure what to do with them, and I didn’t want to get ripped off. ¬†To be honest, I never liked my original ring set. ¬†In fact, I thought the engagement ring was hideous. ¬†It was everything I said I didn’t want in a ring, but, of course, my ex thought he knew better than me and didn’t care what I liked or wanted. ¬†Up until now, I had never had a good idea of what to do with the money if I sold the rings. ¬†I did know it would have to be for something special. ¬†When I was trying to figure out how to afford a road bike, it just suddenly clicked.

ImageThe reason I took on cycling was to get into triathlons- and the reason for getting into triathlons is to ultimately (someday) do an Ironman. ¬†I could not think of a more fitting way to spend the money than purchase a vehicle to do the impossible. ¬†My ex made it a point to regularly tell me how I never wanted to do anything and couldn’t “handle any little thing”. ¬†I’m sure he would just die if he knew what I was doing with the money from his ring… or he would insist I was just doing it to spite him and take credit. lol ¬†More likely the latter.

The truth is, I am always looking for a new way to challenge myself- physically and mentally. ¬†Ever since I started hearing about the Ironman, it’s been one of those “maybe someday” goals. ¬†Now that I am getting a road bike, that “someday” goal has morphed more into a plan. ¬†Right now, I am focusing on getting comfortable on the bike. ¬†I know I need to ride a lot faster and longer, but I am confident I can get there. ¬†That will be my project for this fall. ¬†In addition, I am working on keeping my running mileage up. ¬†In fact, I did a 15+ mile run to celebrate my 26 mile bike ride on Sunday… at least that’s how far I made it before my groin acted up and I had to call Adam to rescue me from the 7 miles separating me and my car… ¬†In retrospect a 20 mile run may have been ambitious following the bike ride, but I digress…

I know what you are wondering, what about the swimming?  Well, that will be the realImage challenge because I never learned to swim properly- like the whole front crawl face-in-the-water style.  I do, however, happen to know a very good swimmer and trainer who is willing to give me some lessons, so now I have my winter goal set as well: tackle swimming.

Finally, conveniently, this spring their will be a REV 3 Half Ironman just a few hours from our house… SOOOOOO if I accomplish my biking and swimming goals (and manage to stay injury free), I plan on being there. ¬†With all Adam’s talk about family planning and baby making I feel like this is my one shot before I will have to put it off for God knows how long. ¬†THEN, should the heavens smile upon me, and I accomplish this monumental task, we will see about a full Ironman. ¬† Aside from the swimming, I think it’s TOTALLY doable… ¬†lol

So that is my epic week so far.  What makes it even better is I am still on vacation AND Adam and I are going away for the weekend to the Berkshires for some hiking and relaxation!

More than anything, I am so happy to feel like I am on the right path to something. ¬†The amount I got for the rings was exactly the amount I needed for the bike and shoes. ¬†Somehow, I just don’t feel like that’s a coincidence. ¬†If I can come from where I started both mentally and physically and even take on just the Half Ironman, I think it will be a huge accomplishment AND speak volumes to what victims of violence can accomplish when they decide to embrace life and challenge themselves. ¬†The fact that the start of my journey to the Ironman coincides with getting rid of the very last piece of my past is purely poetic to me.

I feel like this song was made for me and thivers everywhere. ūüôā