Why Me?

Some people ask “Why me?”

I say “Why not me?”

Why shouldn’t I achieve my dreams?

What is holding me back, really?

If other people can achieve success and happiness,

Why not me?

I am capable of creating opportunities.

I am resourceful and committed.

I am no less deserving or able bodied.

Why not me?

What do I have to lose other than fear?

The Revolt

A day finally came

When something changed in me,

My cup was overflowing

And there was no going back.

I could not sit silent any longer

While great injuries were hurled upon me.

So I stood up,

And refused to be knocked down.

The response was swift and violent,

But I was free-

Free to do as I pleased,

Free from guilt and ridicule,

Free to pursue my dreams,

Free to love myself.

I Write

I am not a master of metaphor.

I cannot paint grand illusions with words,

And I have no great wisdom

Of the secrets of the universe,

But I still write.

I write for myself,

To ease my soul and quiet my mind

Because there are words inside me

That are burning to get out.

I write because I can

Because I have a voice,

Because I have things to say,

And things to share.