#ProudToBeMe November Challenge

“You can be the most beautiful person in the world

and everybody sees light and rainbows when they look at you,

but if you yourself don’t know it, all of that doesn’t even matter.

Every second that you spend on doubting your worth,

every moment that you use to criticize yourself;

is a second of your life wasted, is a moment of your life thrown away.

It’s not like you have forever, so don’t waste any of your seconds,

don’t throw even one of your moments away.”

― C. JoyBell C.

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Having spent a good part of mine on the trails, I certainly did! Of course, my goal today is not discuss my weekend, but rather fill you in on the full details of the #ProudToBeMe Campaign I participated in last month. As I’ve mentioned previously, the #ProudToBeMe campaign was started by fellow blogger and Sweat Pink Ambassador Kathy of MamaMarathoner.com. You can read all about it on her blog here.

What I loved about the campaign was how well it promoted self love through its message that it’s ok to be proud of who you are and what you’ve accomplished. I am a huge fan of anything that involves empowering others (especially women), so I was excited to participate. Below I have listed the prompts for each day and my responses. The great thing about this gratitude challenge is that anyone can participate, and you can start at any time. With the New Year just around the corner, what better time to join in than now?

Help us spread the message that it’s not selfish or vain to love yourself. It’s a necessity!

Nov. 1 – I love my (personality trait).


Nov. 2 – I’m proud that I


“I’m proud that I am a THRIVER! What a blessing to be part of such a strong and empowered community. We are more than surviving. We are THRIVING!!!”

Nov. 3 – I do ________ well


Nov. 4 –I am (positive adjective) because ________


“I am successful because I believe anything is possible!”

Nov. 5 – I recently (action you did) that made me feel proud of myself.


Nov. 6 – I love my (body part)

10389238_723912064366098_6067005243693889421_nI love my SMILE! Why? Because it’s a reflection of my upbeat personality. It also has the capability of brightening someone’s day- including my own. I never stop smiling! Frozen, terrified, exhausted, starved for oxygen, suffering- these photos cover it all. However, I am still smiling in ALL of them because SMILING MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER. Regardless of whatever temporary pain I’m feeling, I am still happy and grateful to be alive and healthy.”

Nov. 7 – I am a _____ person (positive adjective)


Nov. 8 – Two positive words to describe the way I treat others are _____ and _____


Nov. 9 – 1 thing I do to help others is ________


Nov. 10 – 1 strength I have is my ability to ______


Nov. 11 – 1 unique quality about myself is that I ___________


Nov. 12 – Today I will focus on my (name a positive trait) ___________


Nov. 13 – 1 positive thing my body allows me to do is ________


Nov. 14 – I love my (1 positive thing in your life) ________


“I love my husband, family, friends, and dogs!”

Nov. 15 – I am a great friend because I __________


Nov. 16 – My (body part) is/are perfect


Nov. 17 – I’m thankful for my _________


“I am thankful for my integrity because it makes me who I am.”

Nov. 18 – 1 positive word that describes my work ethic is ________


Nov. 19. – I’m strong because I can __________


Nov. 20 – I am a good person because I ________


Nov. 21 – I inspire others by ________


“And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same”

Nov. 22 – Today I will take care of myself by _________


Nov. 23 – 1 thing I did well yesterday was ________


Nov. 24 – I’m proud of my ability to _______


Nov. 25 – 1 accomplishment I made for which I’m really proud is ________


Nov. 26 – 3 things I do well are


Nov. 27 – I am thankful for _______


Nov. 28 – I am a good _________


Nov. 29 – I worked hard to accomplish ______


Nov. 30 – 1 thing I promise to do to continue to find my strengths is ________


So there you have it- my full 30 days of gratitude! Some days were more challenging than others, but overall it was a lot of fun and definitely worth the time and effort. If you decided to join in, be sure to use the hashtag #ProudToBeMe with your posts and leave a link in the comments below (so we can find you!).

Have a fantastic day!!!

Holy Chaos!

“We live in a rainbow of chaos.”
Paul Cezanne


Holy Chaos People!

If we truly do “live in a rainbow of chaos,” then I am getting more taste of the rainbow than a skittles commercial! Despite what it may seem, I’m not complaining. Instead, I’m just in awe of how busy life can get. Where does all the time go?

There has been A LOT going on since I last posted. I have had SO MANY things I’ve wanted to post about, but have had literally no time to get to it. I fully intended on setting time aside, but then my sister had I great report card so I celebrated with a movie night with her instead. I also spent quality time with the hubs and my mom… and my dogs. Basically, I have been preoccupied with LIVING and taking time out for the people I love.

Soooo that’s why I’ve been slacking on the writing. That and I have been super busy in general. For starters, I have been consumed with trying to find a roofer because mine is leaking and needs to be replaced. The good news is I found one, and they offer financing at a low interest rate. The bad news is taking out a loan means I won’t be able to afford to work with my personal trainer anymore. As much as I want to stay injury free, I can’t justify spending over $300 a month on training.

Initially, I was really upset devastated, but then I kept seeing posts about THRIVE Sports & Fitness in my Facebook newsfeed. I figured I owed it to myself to check it out, since it literally had my name on it. I am all about taking direction from the universe, so this one seemed pretty obvious. It turned out that THRIVE is brand new and the only MBSC licensed  facility in CT. Lucky me, that it happens to be right in my back yard.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with MBSC (because you don’t happen to be a sports fanatic or read Men’s Health… guilty!), apparently, it is kind of a big deal.  At least, that’s what I’ve been told. It’s basically a strength and conditioning model that was developed by a guy named Mike Boyle and has been used by the likes of Olympic and professional teams, including the Red Sox and Bruins. The whole program is geared around injury prevention and training with proper form. Basically, it’s exactly what I need.

On Friday I went for my “free trial” session, and I was very impressed with the facility. First, I LOVED that they had motivational quotes up on the walls, including my favorite: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” They also had a great variety of equipment from free weights, to machines, to weighted sleds, to resistance bands for pull ups, to multipleTRX set ups (and that’s just from what I saw at quick glance).

For my first workout, we started with foam rolling and then progressed to several different circuits of exercises. Each circuit was comprised of 3 or 4 exercises (which we rotated through) and repeated 3 times. Like the equipment, the exercises were extremely varied in type and difficulty (For example, one exercise might be on the TRX while another involved using kettlebells, and another the cable machine). Each movement was explained and demonstrated, and because there were only 7 of us, we had plenty of feedback on our form.

The entire session lasted an hour, but it went by very quickly. I enjoyed the versatility of the workout and found it to be challenging without being completely exhausting. I also found the short circuits and wide diversity refreshing, which is HUGE for me given that I tend to get extremely bored with routines. In addition, I appreciated the fact that every movement and aspect of the workout from the start to finish had a purpose to help improve functionality. In my opinion, it was very well rounded. Furthermore, beyond the quality of the workout, both the owner and the rest of the group were extremely welcoming and helpful so I felt very much at home. The best part is, it’s only a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer which means it’s a much more affordable option for me.

Today I reached out to the owner about signing up for sessions twice a week, so we will see how things turn out. I may have found my new home for my 140.6 training!

Speaking of which, in other exciting news I have my Ironman distance race picked out for next year! They have officially opened registration for REV3 Cedar Point, and I intend to be there! What’s even better is that I have a training buddy who is crazy enough to do it with me (and no, it’s not the hubs…). Maybe I’ll even convince her to guest blog (in her free time between being a new mom, yoga instructor, and working full time as a primary care doctor… yes, she’s my hero).

On a similar note, I applied to be a part of Team Challenge (REV3) yesterday after some urging from my yogi friend. I am not sure I have the level of social media (or even triathlon) experience that they are looking for, but I DO HAVE a level of enthusiasm for the sport that is unmatched and a passion for sharing my experiences. Plus, I really enjoyed my experience of doing my first tri with REV3, and don’t think I would have a hard time selling how awesome their events are. Given the choice, I would really prefer to do all my distance events with them. Honestly, I think we could make it work. Plus, I think it would be INCREDIBLY AWESOME to be able to participate in all their events without having to second mortgage the house… which isn’t really an option with the loan for the new roof….


So that is all my big news… at least what I can remember of it at the moment!

PS. You may have also noticed (if you follow my instagram) that I have been participating in a November Gratitude Challenge with some of my #SweatPink sisters called the “Proud To Be Me Campaign.” The movement was started by fellow blogger Kathy from mamamarathoner.com and challenges participants to respond to a different prompt each day about why you are #ProudToBeMe. All the prompts are listed in her original post which you can find here. Even though I’m not listed as a participant (I’m sure it was just an oversight), I am still encouraging all of you to join in the movement and share what makes you #ProudToBeMe. You can use any of your social media (twitter, instagram, facebook, blog, etc), just be sure to use the hashtag #ProudTobeMe. You can find all my responses on both instagram and twitter. I’m looking forward to reading yours!