Dear Jenny (Happy Person Inside)

Dear Jenny,

I am the happy person inside you, and I want you to tell you something.  I want you to be empowered by your past and find a way to use your experience to help other women.  I want you to get back to doing things you love like painting, gardening, and working on your house. I want you to let go of worrying and get back to living life.  Get back to seeing the world and experiencing all life has to offer.  I want you to ignore things people say to “help” when they make you feel badly.  I want you to stop trying to live up to anyone’s expectations other than your own.  I want you to know that you can still be caring and thoughtful AND stand up for yourself.  I want you to accept that your mother doesn’t always know what’s best for you.  I want you to realize and finally believe in your heart that the people who abused you and treated you unfairly were the problem- not you.  You didn’t deserve the things said and done to you.  You are a loving, capable, and independent person.  The things you have been through do not take away from the person you are, were, and will be.  You are not worthless because you were abused.  You are healthy.  You are strong.  You are someone other people can look up to.  You are someone your parents can be proud of.  You have the ability to live a great life.  You have the power to achieve your dreams.  You will do anything you set your mind to.  You will not be held back by fear.  You will not be overwhelmed by life.  You will sleep at night.  You will not have nightmares anymore.  You will live your life however you choose, and it will be a great one.  You will make a positive impact on the world.  It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.  You will find a happy place. You will feel safe again.

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